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The iTC iGun™  works on mechanisms that block the trigger while the gun is at rest. The user wears a ring with a special system that triggers power to the iGun system when the ring comes in close range to the normal ring-finger placement on the firearm's stock. When the iGun senses that the ring is near enough, it compares a unique code (billions of combinations) from the ring to the gun to see if there is a match. If the code matches and certain other conditions are met, an electric current from the battery bank actuates a mechanism to unblock the trigger. At all times, the gun's traditional manual safety is still available for use. If the manual safety is "off", the gun may be fired. The iGun system, like all previous manual safety systems, should always be treated as if it were ready to fire, whether or not the ring is worn. Basic safe firearm handling procedures must still be followed.

Is it Delicate?

No. The iGun is designed to function under rigorous conditions. Its platform is based on the most reliable shotgun design in the world, the only one that meets MilSpec 3433E, a 3,000-round buckshot torture test. Additionally, the iGun is designed to exceed industry standards (SAAMI) and National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards for drop tests. As with all mechanical and especially electrical systems, if exposed to severe situations, it should be returned to the factory for check-up and repair if necessary. Just like a traditional firearm, It is not waterproof, nor completely impact resistant. If it gets submerged, thoroughly soaked, or shocked from an unusual drop or impact, it should be returned to the factory for cleaning and checking.  Future specifications may allow for different degrees of ruggedness based upon specific applications.  On initial testing, mechanical failures, which were extremely low, were actually greater than any failure of the technology.

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