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iGun™ Technology Corp. was founded to manufacture the iGun and other products to the highest quality and reliability standards attainable. We are a subsidiary of Mossberg Group, Inc.  and are dedicated to the responsible manufacture and distribution of quality security products and precision-machined components for consumer, government and specialty applications.

What is a personalized firearm?

A personalized firearm is one designed to restrict the likelihood of discharge by anyone except an "authorized" user. The authorized user may be any person or group of persons who have been given the means to over-ride any electrical, mechanical, or other type of block to discharge mechanism of the firearm. Devices range from trigger lock with a key to sophisticated systems like ours that recognize an authorized user's unique ring.

We are breaking new ground with terms and definitions and have developed an acronym for the more sophisticated systems used in the iGun. The iGun's system is an ADVANCED RECOGNITION UNLOCKING SYSTEM or ARUS™

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